Fill Your Gas Tank This Winter

Winter is here, which means that you'll soon need to visit our mechanics at Sierra Blanca Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to make sure all your vehicle's parts are in working order. After you get a tune-up or any necessary repairs, make sure that you keep your gas tank filled throughout the winter season.

When there isn't enough gasoline in the tank, the free space in the tank is filled with air. The cold weather will turn this cold air into moisture. Once the moisture travels from the tank to the fuel lines, the lines will become frozen, and this will affect the way your car operates. This could affect your safety when you're on the road this winter.

It's also best to keep the gas tank filled in the cold weather because gas prices tend to go up in the cold weather. Filling up your tank once or twice a week will likely save you more money than visiting the gas station every other day. With this seasonal maintenance advice, we’re confident that your winter will be a breeze!


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