Getting Your Family Prepared for a Holiday Road Trip

The time of year where families are packed along the interstates trying to get to their holiday destination is once again upon us. The following tips from our team at Sierra Blanca Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram should help you get to that location faster than those who are just hitting those roadways with no plan.

  • The best time to be on the road is to go after dark and closer to midnight while all the other commuters are resting until morning.
  • Map out your course and locate a few areas where you can pull over to give everyone a chance to get out and move around.
  • Traveling through unfamiliar areas means you need to pay closer attention to those speed limit signs that change frequently.
  • If you can afford to hit the road one day sooner, it would reduce the amount of potential traffic you will encounter significantly.

Stop by our showroom at 304 Highway 70, and we will give your vehicle a complete inspection to ensure it makes to your holiday destination.


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