Here's Why You Should Change Your Car Fluids here in Ruidoso, NM.

A great way to ensure your vehicle is running in perfect shape amid key tune-ups is to inspect your vehicle fluids carefully and routinely. It is an easy and an inexpensive way to avert engine damage or excess wear, and save cash on future repairs as well. While examining the fluids in your vehicle is the fairly straightforward exercise, it does take some know-how.

Consider the seven vehicle fluids below that you must pay heed to in order to keep your vehicle running right:

• Oil – your engine requires oil to retain the moving elements lubricated.

• Radiator fluid – the radiator fluid retains your engine from excessive heating.

• Transmission fluid – transmission fluid retains your transmission greased, which could prevent numerous costly matters from developing.

• Power steering fluid – power steering fluid retains your vehicle’s power steering function by ensuring it's greased, and adds energy to your capability to manage the vehicle’s wheels.

• Brake fluid – the brake fluid is pressured and adds energy to your braking to ensure your car brakes perfectly.

If you require any aid or have questions regarding your fluid servicing, give us a call at Sierra Blanca Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today! Our experts here in Ruidoso will ensure your vehicle fluids are healthy, and also make sure your vehicle operates at its best.


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