Have You Checked Your Brake Fluid Levels Lately?

There are many fluids that are used for your vehicle, but there is one that is far more important than others - brake fluid! If you’ve ever had a situation where your brakes have failed, then you know how important they become. The brake fluid is critical to the performance of the brake system. However, the fluid also needs to be clean.

Brake fluid comes in two ratings that are classified by the Department of Transportation. Those ratings are DOT 3 and DOT 4. The classifications are based on the Society of Engineers (SAE) standards that manufacturers of brake fluid must meet.

Due to contaminants, the brake fluid can lose its vitality. If this ever occurs within the braking hydraulic system, it can cause a lower brake pedal or complete brake failure over time. A brake inspection is all it takes to determine the SAE quality level. Contact our Ruidoso, NM service station for an appointment soon!

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