Preparing for Safe Driving in Heavy Rain

Heavy rain makes driving more dangerous, even if your tires are in great condition. Hydroplaning is a scary experience to be avoided at all costs. The best thing to remember is that slamming on your brakes will only make you lose more control over your car faster. Keep it going in a straight line if you can with reduced speed.

Having your tires balanced and rotated by a professional is your best line of defense against hydroplaning. Use these appointments as an opportunity to check tire pressure and tread as well. An ounce of prevention is worth more a ton of cure when it comes to avoiding injuring yourself and other drivers in a rainstorm. It is good to get in the habit of having your tires checked before any long trip.

Schedule an appointment to have your tires rotated at Sierra Blanca Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram before you are stuck in the next storm.

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