The Mopar Protection System can Keep Suspensions Going Strong

Vehicle suspensions have many important jobs to perform, and these include bearing the weight of vehicles and occupants, absorbing shocks, and keeping the tires on the roadways. As such, keeping suspensions in as good shape as possible is a key goal for many vehicle owners. Unfortunately, many of the nation's highways present many road-based obstacles that can do great damage to vehicle tires and wheels.

Such tire and wheel damages can be very expensive. For example, the cost to replace or repair even a single tire can sometimes run into the hundreds of dollars. Thankfully, the Mopar Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection Plan offers the drivers of approved vehicles many coverage options that can keep cash in their pockets.

The Mopar Road Hazard Protection Plan offers coverage for major and minor wheel and tire parts. For example, tires that sustain damage to their valve stems, tire pressure gauges, or tire sensory gauges can enjoy deeply discounted or free repair services. Plus, the Mopar Road Hazard Protection Plan also helps to pay for the costs of re-mounting and balancing repaired or replaced tires.



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